About Susan

About the Designer

Susan Albright

Susan Albright captures the essence of a modern, dynamic woman who effortlessly navigates between playfulness and elegance. Made from Susan's original, hand drawn prints inspired by beautiful places, our designs are a celebration of femininity with a contemporary twist. A Susan Albright piece will always be made using quality material and techniques that flatter women's bodies.

Susan is passionate about slowing down the fashion cycles by creating timeless stylesOur collections are meticulously crafted in limited quantities, ensuring that each piece is a unique expression of style and sophistication.

Her team of highly skilled, local seamstresses sew from the comfort of their own homes and are paid double the state minimum wage on average. We make every effort to source fabric entirely within the USA, and provide jobs in our local community.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom print and learning more about Susan's process and products, please contact susan@shopsusanalbright.com