Southport, CT


You feel as if you are stepping back in time when you arrive in the village of Southport, once a thriving seaport with a rich history, but at the same time, you sense the vibrancy of a place full of interesting people and things to explore.



A designated historic village on CT’s gold coast, historic stately homes line the narrow streets leading to the small seaport area, once a bustling are of trade and is now home to yachts and sailboats. With a private yacht club, a library, two historic churches, charming shops and restaurants, Southport is a dream of a village for those who appreciate the romance of old New England within a train ride of Manhattan.

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What's On the Map

  • The Delamar
  • Artisan Restaurant
  • Pequot Yacht Club
  • Pequot Library
  • Spic and Span Market
  • Southport Congregational Church
  • Trinity Episcopal Church
  • The Sea Lodge